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Wigs by Haircreations: Ellen Wille and Raquel Wigs collections, Hairpieces, Headwear and Accessories

We understand the emotional nature of medical hair loss and will do everything in our power to ensure you are well looked after.

We are able to offer expert advice and guidance to all of our Alopecia, Chemotherapy & Hair Loss condition customers. Our medical-quality wigs, custom made wigs, toppers or hair pieces and headwear play a major part in helping women, men or children with hair loss to feel like themselves again.

We take pride in helping you choose the right look and wig with a perfect fit in a private environment. We offer the exclusive range of Ellen Wille and Raquel Welch wigs, voted best wigs in the world in Paris: hundreds of styles in both synthetic and human hair with amazing colour ranges and stunning styles. We also offer beautiful custom-made human hair wigs and hair pieces which can be cut and styled to suit your needs.

We have Consultants nationwide. We can also arrange a visit to you in hospital or where possible at home with our Wigs on Wheels Service. You can find your nearest consultant to book an appointment by clicking here or by calling us 09 357 6159.

We are looking forward to assisting you in choosing the right head of hair.

Your Team at Wigs by Haircreations 

What People Are Saying About us

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Thank you for your excellent service and home visit it was so helpful. Don't ever change who you are . You give so much support and understanding. Take care Mavis. 


I am thrilled to bits with my new hair. I am told I look much younger and feel it too.

Most people don't even realise that I am wearing a wig as it is so natural looking.

I would recommend them to anyone who needs one. I know they would be as happy as I have over the years I have been your customer. 

Thank you again.

Mrs L Johnston

I was not really coping at all with the hair suddenly all falling out eventhough I knew it would happen. Your attitudes and the atmosphere in your shop calmed me down down, giving me a sense of confidence for the months ahead. Many thanks. No one picked I was wearing a wig but liked the new hairstyle! 


Many thanks to you for your expertise and advice! Well to my TOTAL amazement not one of the twelve women in my group guessed it was a wig. They all commented on how lovely my hair looked today and asked if I had been to a salon! I didn't let on until we finished up that it was a wig. They said it was very natural looking and pretty. I'm very happy with the result.