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Are you looking for a cute short style wig? Look no further with the City Look designed by Ellen Wille

A stylish shape that has lots of styling options, it’s easy to maintain and light to wear.

See what Vicky has to say about her new Cily Look wig:

City Look Wig by Annica Hansen powered by Ellen Wille

Wig Wearing Myths: Facts versus Myths

Wig design and construction have been through revolutionary changes over recent years. However. There are still many common myths about wearing a wig.

Once very expensive, lace front wigs are now much more accessible and loved for their extremely natural look.

Many celebrities wear them: it is their secret to beautiful hair!  Celebrities such as Tyra banks, Jessica Simpson, Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Beyonce wear them. Lace front wigs are used by actors on movie sets and on the red carpet.

Beyonce Lace Front Wig

A great Summer Breeze evening on November 10 for the Look Good Feel Better Annual Fundraising dinner with award winning chefs Kasey and Karena and hosted by Mike Puru.

This is your friendly Wigs by Haircreations Team who enjoyed their evening supporting this great event organised by Look Good Feel Better.

 Wigs by Haircreations Team - Look Good Feel Better Charity Event

A photo of some of our agents at our Wigs by Haircreations NZ Conference held on 9 September in Auckland (18 agents in total nation wide).

It was a great day for everyone to discover the new wig collections from Ellen Wille and Raquel Welch,  learn new techniques, develop new connections and be part of a nation wide team that has developed a reputation for caring services and be expert at what it does.