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Hi everyone...

My name is Dianne & I am in the last stage of my Breast Cancer treatment. I have had Chemo, Radiation, & Herceptin, so I have empathy for those of you who have been on, or, are about to go on this journey.

Dianne Muggeridge - Cancer Survivor - Hair Cafe - Hawera

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Why do wigs seem to tangle more often than my own hair?  

Tangling can depend a lot on how well the wig is made and ...

In order to feel your best you need to look your best. Women wearing wigs is totally acceptable and even gaining in popularity in the recent years. The idea of wigs is growing because wigs or hair pieces can look even better than your real hair. But what about men? Celebrities are wearing wigs or hairpieces without anyone knowing (John Travolta, Daniel Craig, Jon Cryer, Jason Alexander, Nicola Cage, Ted Danson, Jay Leno to name a few).

Mens Wigs | Jack Toupee by Ellen Wille |

Celebrating 50 Years of Success of Ellen Wille with three models: The Blues, the Jazz and the Swing.

50 Years of Success of Ellen Wille

Wig Wearing Myths: Facts versus Myths

Wig design and construction have been through revolutionary changes over recent years. However. There are still many common myths about wearing a wig.