Questions and answers on your hair replacement


Q. I am unsure I have chosen the right hair replacement and the way it is adhered to my scalp. Can I change this without costs?

A: Yes, at Hairtoday we pride ourselves with the services we render to our clients and also strive to make it easy for them. We have allowed for such flexibility in our design. Therefore, style and type of scalp adherement or bonding can be changed at no extra costs.


Q. I have difficulty getting used to the amount of new hair I have. Is this normal?

A. Perfectly normal, you have been used to having no or little hair. So it takes a little time to re-adjust to the new feeling of you new hair. It might take a few days or weeks to get used to. However, 99% of our clients get used to this change very quickly. It is not a problem if it takes you longer to get used to your new hair piece. The most important is that you feel good about it and makes a positive change in your life.


Q. My friends are used to seeing me without hair. So, they will certainly notice my new hair piece, despite its natural look. Should I say nothing or tell them?

A. Some clients will prefer to be more open about it, others will want to keep it more private. There is not a right or wrong way. Some clients reason if they are open, there may be a reaction in the beginning and based on experience your friends are most likely to say that you look so much younger and happier with your new hair, and want to know why did not do it sooner! So don’t be afraid. And if you want to keep it private, your friends may only notice how well you are looking.


Q. How long will the adhesive tape last on my hair replacement before it needs renewing?

A. It is difficult to say as it will depend on the following factors: - Your lifestyle - the condition of your scalp - and the method of attachment of your hair replacement. Note: for hygiene reason, no hair replacements should stay on the scalp longer than 6 weeks, especially during summer time when it’s hot and one has a tendency to sweat or perspire more. In fact, we recommend to keep it for 4 weeks maximum for extended wear and then have it serviced it.


Q. I have problems making the adhesive tape stick to my scalp.

A. It may be you need to use a stronger tape. If you have an oily scalp or if you have just washed / shampooed your scalp it may still be damp. Gently dry the scalp with a soft towel or a hairdryer on low heat. Then re-apply your adhesive tapes. At Hairtoday, we show our customers how to maintain their hair piece, use the right tape,how to attach it to their scalp and looking after their scalp. It is easy and some of our customers like to look after their hair piece themselves.


Q. My scalp gets itchy. Is that normal? What can I do to eliminate it?

A. Your perspiration and/or product residue can react on your scalp with physical activities. If it persists, we can offer various suggestions according to the symptoms. Always check with your hair replacement provider. At Hairtoday, based on the symptoms, we could offer a different type of bonding, increase the frequency of scalp cleaning or a different type of hair piece base to favour higher ventilation.


Q. How do I shampoo my hair replacement? Do I need to use a conditioner?

A. Use professional products that your provider can recommend. There are many products on the market for all types of skin and hair which are not suitable for your non growing hair. At Hairtoday, we can explain in more details what will be suited to you. We have a line of professional care products that our clients use with very good results. Have a look at our website for further details on how to care about your hair piece made of human hair.


Q. My new hair piece seems to have lost colour. Is it normal?

A. All human hair will lose colour due to ultra violet lights as well as sunlight. This is normal. Hairtoday re-colour your new hair with its back to natural hair colour product line or show you how to do it yourself.


Q. My hair will not stay in place or stay styled as I want it.

A: 90% of our hair replacements use human hair. Where there is any “grey”, a white synthetic hair is used. This hair can only be restyled with controlled heat. So you may have to return to your salon to have this seen to. At Hairtoday, we can do any adjustment while you wait and you leave with your style the way you want it, perfectly groomed.