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Balding and hair thinning are an unpleasant reality for many men, and more men are seeking solutions. Male pattern baldness is the most common hair loss, mostly around the crown and temples. For some it happens before age 25. By 35, two-thirds of men have some degree of hair loss, and this rises to 85% by age 50. Many men see this as a sign of aging, and even as a blow to their career and professional image.

Forget toupees of the past

We have undetectable, non-surgical hair replacement. The hair, roots and the hairline are identical to real hair. It fits securely and comfortably at all times, and we'll advise which attachment method ()bonded or tapes — to best suit your lifestyle.

You'll look and feel better

One of the best rewards for staff is to hear clients' wives and partners saying how much younger and happier their men look with new hair.

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Meet a consultant

Our hair consultants throughout New Zealand have years of experience helping men with hair loss. We offer as many free consultations as you need - there's no pressure.