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There is such a thing as an undetectable and natural looking wig that can boost confidence and assist in keeping up appearances during difficult times whether the hair loss is due to alopecia or cancer treatments. Wigs by Haircreations exclusively offer human hair and synthetic wigs from multi-award winning Europe based wig designer, Ellen Wille.

August 2013 - Read more Creating a New, More Confident You, with Wigs by Haircreations (No longer available).

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The Nelson Mail 

See this article Covering the scars of alopecia. It tells you how our Hair Consultant in Nelson, Christine Gill has helped Beth Phipps, 19, who has lived with alopecia since she was 11. (No longer available.)

Saturday 8 October 2011

TV3 News - See it first

Wigs by Haircreations on tv news 

A number of Christchurch residents are tearing their hair out – literally – from the stress of the Canterbury earthquakes. Thirteen-year-old Olivia O’Brien is one of 100 women and children whose hair has fallen out and is now wearing a human hair wig.

See the "TV3 News video" showing how Hairtherapy, Wigs by Haircreations agent in Christchurch, is helping Olivia getting her smile back with a beautiful, natural looking custom made human hair wig after she lost her hair as a result of the quakes. (No longer available.)

 24 August 2011

Beautiful You 

See the article on "Ellen Wille winning the Palm d'Or" in Paris for the best wig collection. (No longer available.)

Winter 2011 - Read the article on "Staying-Beautifull-with-cancer". (No longer available.)

Eye Magazine issue no50 

Read in this article on hair replacement and "Dealing with hair loss" why seeking an expert's advice is critical for success. (No longer available.)

Ellen Wille article on Beautiful You magazine Article about hair replacement on Eye Magazine

Winter 2011 


Article published in the winter edition of Headway Magazine. "Wigs by Haircreations offers hope through hair". (No longer available.)

Wigs by Haircreations in the winter edition of Headway Magazine

Winter 2011