Hair thinning and balding are an unpleasant reality for many men in  New Zealand. Male pattern baldness is the most common hair loss, mostly around the crown and temples. For some it happens before age 25. By 35, two-thirds of men have some degree of hair loss, and this rises to 85% by age 50.

Here's what you can do to understand male hair loss and what you can do about it with Wigs by Haircreations.

In order to feel your best you need to look your best. Women wearing wigs is totally acceptable and has been gaining in popularity in recent years because wigs or hair pieces can look even better than your real hair. But what about men wearing wigs? Many men feel there is a stigma attached to wearing hair pieces or wigs, but male wigs have come a long way and now it's virtually impossible to tell if you are wearing a wig. Male celebrities are wearing wigs or hairpieces without anyone knowing (John Travolta, Daniel Craig, Jon Cryer, Jason Alexander, Nicolas Cage, Ted Danson, Jay Leno to name a few). Find out more about wigs for men.

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