Expert Advice

Choosing your new hair is easy

Style, colour, materials, cost — there are many factors to consider. We have more than 30 years experience selling beautiful European-designed wigs and hair pieces. We are known for our expert, caring service. We guide you on choosing the best-looking hair for you.

Here’s our advice on buying new hair and getting the most from it, as well as the secrets to choosing a natural looking wig.

Choosing your colour

  • Match your own hair
  • Be bold with a new shade
  • Feel confident and happy
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Human vs. synthetic hair

  • The look
  • The cost
  • The maintenance
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How to choose your style

We help you choose a great style, whether it's close to your current style or something completely different.

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How to wear your beautiful new hair

Illustrated steps for putting your wig on. It's fast and easy to look beautiful.

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Understanding wig cap construction

Not all wigs are created equal. How to choose the right wig for your individual needs.

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7 tips for making the most of your wig

These 7 tips make a big difference to the life and beauty of your wig. Colour, cut, treatment and more.

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How to care for your synthetic wig

How to keep your synthetic wig looking great.

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How to care for your human hair wig

Human hair wigs last much longer than synthetic wigs, but require more care and styling.

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