7 Wig Confidence Tips

7 Tips for enjoying your new wig

1. Let us help you choose the perfect wig or hair piece

Our hair consultants can advise on colours, styles, and how to wear and care for your hair. We offer free consultations to meet your individual needs with integrity and understanding. We take away the worry, so you can wear your beautiful new hair with pride and confidence.

2. Pick a hair colour you’re comfortable with

If you are a first-time wig wearer, you may prefer a colour close to your current or natural colour. Alternatively, you may want a brand new look. Our experts can guide you.

3. Choose a cutting-edge cut

Our consultants are also hair stylists, and can personalise your human hair wig with a great cut in our salons. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled, but some can also be cut.

4. Proper care keeps hair replacement beautiful

Simple washing and maintenance are essential for all wigs and hair pieces. Our consultants will show you how, and give you a take-home guide. We can recommend products to extend the life of wigs and keep their colour vibrant.

5. Keep wigs away from heat

Heat can quickly cause irreparable damage to wigs and hair pieces – particularly synthetic ones. Avoid heat from ovens, barbeques,open fires, cigarette lighters, hot steam and hair dryers. We suggest you wear a hat or scarf while cooking.

6. Have a second wig as a back-up

Having two wigs ready to wear at all times brings peace of mind. If anything should happen to one, you can wear the other. It also extends the life of your wigs, as you will be wearing them in turn.

7. Stay in touch for free, ongoing support

Whatever the question, whatever the reason, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For example, you may want some extra guidance or reassurance in styling or wearing your wig. Ring or visit during office hours — our qualified team will be ready to help. It’s all part of our ongoing service.