Scalp scarring and hair loss FAQs

Wigs by Haircreations and Hairtoday design human hair pieces to infill scar tissue that prevents hair growing on the scalp. These blend perfectly with remaining hair and are undetectable. Photos of two of our clients below show how our hair pieces fully restore your looks. For large areas of balding, our full wigs are a perfect solution.

What causes scalp scarring?

Common causes include:

  • tumour removal or other head surgery
  • burns
  • trauma from blows to the head
  • severe acne affecting the scalp.

Extensive damage to scalp tissue destroys hair follicles and roots, causing permanent bald patches.

How do I hide my bald patch?

Scar damaged bald scalp Integrated hair pieces that blend with your own hair are perfect for small bald patches, but for large bald areas full wig is best. We specialise in high-spec medical wigs suitable for everyday use. These can be custom-made from either human hair or synthetic fibre, and are professionally fitted by a hair loss expert. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your individual needs.

An example of our custom-made hair pieces

Custom made hair piece back view As you can see, this made-to-measure hair piece, constructed with human hair, blends undetectably over the bald patch. The client reports that it fits securely and feels very comfortable.



Another beautiful hair integration to cover scar tissue

Woman hair integration result back view

Am I eligible for a medical grant or subsidy?

Yes, if your balding is the result of a medical condition or an accident. Depending on your circumstances, either the Ministry of Health or ACC would pay towards your wig or hair piece. Wigs by Haircreations and Hairtoday can take care of your application for you at your request. See our medical grants page for more information.