Custom hair replacement bases

Full Lace Base

White hair replacement full lace base

This fine and delicate mesh lace base hair replacement option gives the best for:

  • Natural appearance and undetectable look
  • Great natural hairline
  • Comfort, light weight and breathing ability
  • Perfect for light to medium hair density
  • Attached either using medical grade tape for perimeter bond or liquid adhesive for full head bond methods.
  • Requires care as more fragile than a conventional base
  • The lace base can be made of different type of lace materials to increase its life

Lace Front with Conventional Base

Red hair lace front replacement base view

This base combines the best of the lace base with additional durability given by the conventional base.

  • Great natural hairline wit the front lace base
  • Combined great appearance with good durability
  • Great for a lighter hair density at the front and more hair at the back
  • Very thin poly skin around the back and side for added strength
  • Ease of bonding and cleaning: Medical tape or adhesive glue can be used
  • A very popular option as it combines both great appearance with good durability.

Conventional Base

Blond hair conventional base replacement

This option is a polyurethane coated perimeters with mesh nylon base and is ideal for medium to heavy hair density.

These conventional hair bases are:

  • Offer styling flexibility
  • Comfortable
  • Good for medium to heavy hair density
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very good for active lifestyle
  • Good front appearance, but it does not beat the Lace Replacement option it terms of natural appearance.
  • Ease of bonding and cleaning: Medical tape or adhesive glue can be used

Polyurethane or Skin Base

Blond hair replacement skin base view

These bases are also known as skin base because of the close resemblance to real skin tone. These skin bases are made of a thin polymer skin membrane. Individual strands of hair appear to be growing right out of your scalp.

  • The look is very natural. The thinner the skin the better the natural look
  • Best for light hair density due to the thin skin
  • Delicate base requiring care
  • ideal for permanent (24/7) or temporary (daily wear) bonding
  • Attached either using tape or liquid adhesive
  • Can be hot and uncomfortable, especially if you have tendency to perspire. It is like having a second skin
  • Not as comfortable to wear as a lace or conventional base.