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What a custom hair piece does for you.

Our custom-made hair replacement is tailored to your head shape and degree of balding. It fits perfectly, is made with 100% human hair and can be styled and coloured how you want. Our clients want natural-looking hair on an undetectable base, and our lace hair base is best for that. If you need something very durable, a conventional hair base is advisable.

Why choose a custom-designed hair piece?

  1. Natural look with a durable base
  2. Extremely secure — will fit you exactly
  3. Light-weight and ventilated for comfort
  4. Choose your own hairstyle
  5. Integrates perfectly with existing hair
  6. Non-surgical with no side-effects or pain, and much more affordable than surgery.

Examples of custom hair pieces with a Lace Base or Skin base

At HairToday - Wigs.co.nz we want to give men back their confidence. Delivering the highest quality non-surgical hair loss solutions.  Hair Loss Solutions with Custom Made Hair Pieces at HairToday - Wigs.co.nz   Natural hair piece! Transform yourself! Let the hair do the talking at HairToday @Wigs.co.nz

Choosing the right base

The base is where your hair is tied or injected. We can help you choose the best foundation for your hair replacement to balance appearance and durability.

  • Fine full lace: The most natural, undetectable base. Delicate, and requires more care. Hair is knotted into the fine lace base and appears to grow right out from the scalp. Airy and light to wear.
  • Lace front hair replacement: Gives a very natural hairline. For more durability, you may combine it with a conventional base for the back and top.
  • Conventional: Polyurethane coated perimeters with nylon base. Extremely durable and easy to maintain. Ideal for high-density hair. The hairline looks less natural than lace base or lace-front hairlines.
  • Combination: We combine different bases to create exactly what you need. For example, a conventional base with a lace front gives durable hair replacement with a natural hairline. The lace front is replaceable, giving extended wear.

Lace hair base

High Definition Hair Line - 100% Hand made hair piece to create the appearance of natural hair growth and to allow you to part the hair in any direction you want - HairToday - Wigs.co.nz

So natural, they're used for TV & movies

Our hair solutions stand up to the ultimate scrutiny — close-ups on the big screen. That's why producers source them for their stars.

How much does hair replacement cost?

Our hair replacement is affordable because we don't use highly-paid celebrities to endorse our products - word of mouth does wonders for us. We don't make you sign a maintenance contract — we show you how to maintain it yourself.

Because most clients find our hair replacement affordable, they choose to have more than one, so they can service one and wear one, or have back-up in case one is accidentally damaged. This gives them great peace of mind. View our pricing options.

Attachment method: daily vs. extended wear

Your choice will depend on how you want to wear your hair replacement, the base you choose and your lifestyle.

  1. Daily wear: If you want to take off your new hair everyday or every few days, you'll need medical grade tape. This is the most popular choice, especially if you want to clean and reattach your hair replacement yourself. It's easy and cost-effective, and we show you how.

  2. Extended wear: To wear your hair replacement for more than 1 week/up to 4 weeks, you need medical grade liquid adhesive or medical grade strong tape. We can advise. Because attaching your hair with liquid adhesive is tricky, many clients come to us to have hair serviced and rebounded, but we can also show you how to do this yourself.

We guarantee our custom hair replacement

Because you depend on our hair products every day, we never take your trust for granted. We therefore guarantee all our hair replacement products.

We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction.


Our hair consultants in Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Palmerston North/Feilding, Christchurch and Invercargill have years of experience helping men with hair loss. We offer as many free consultations as you need. Click here to book an appointment with your Hair Consultant nearest you (obligation free)!